May 2007
Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my hands today.  They're SO beautiful!!!  I'm very happy with how they turned out and have already hung them in my hallway, leaving a nail for #4's handprint. Looking forward to having the complete set :) Thanks so much! Colleen

July 2007
I just want to thank you for your work. I love the impression of Jazzy's little hand and foot.  I'm sure we'll treasure it forever! I can't wait for the other ladies to see theirs (if I don't open them first!).  :-) Thanks again and I'll talk to you soon! Cynthia

November 2007
Jennifer,  We picked up the three items yesterday from A Likely Story. You did a great job!  I was so excited that we were able to connect with you this year (I keep missing your shows at the book store each year and have been bummed when I realize the dates came and went.) I especially love the Christmas ornament.  So glad my 4 yr old's hand was able to fit on it. Something I will always treasure! I'm sure my mother in law is going to love the plate we had made for her too. Thanks again, Bridget

December 2007
Hi Jennifer,  Kaitlin and I picked up our order from Keedo last Sunday. The imprints turned out beautiful.  Pete saw them during the one night he was home and loved them too.  We are looking forward to sharing them with the grandparents and great-grandmother at Christmas. They too will love them!  I am definitely looking forward to having more made as Kaitlin gets older and, if we are so lucky, as we add to our family. Happy Holidays and thanks again!! Stacy

March 2008
Hi Jennifer, I picked up Emilie's impression today and it really did turn out cute. It's amazing how much she's grown just in the last couple of months. Thanks again for providing us a with a very special memory of our beautiful baby girl!
Take care, Suzy

March 2008
Jennifer - Got them last night. Thank you.  You did a fabulous job.  I only looked at one as I got home late but LOVED it. Thank you. Edith

April 2008
Dear Jennifer - I just wanted to write to say how much I love the My Kissing Hands creation you made for us. It is so special to have this moment in time preserved and so beautifully! It touches my heart and I'm so happy to have this treasure. Thank you for your kindness. I really appreciate your hard work! Lisle

July 2008
Jennifer, We love the family feet! We are so happy that this one made it. Thanks for giving it a second try.  Thanks, Mary Beth

October 2008
Hi Jen, I got it last week. The birth plate special looks beautiful. Thanks so very much, Patricia

November 2008
Hi Jennifer --  The print arrived yesterday safe and sound. And you were right. It looks great. I'm sure it will be the highlight of my husband's birthday next week. Many thanks again. I've already told two friends about Kissing Hands, so you may be getting more Bethesda customers soon! Cheers, Katie

December 2008
J-We picked up our impressions from Kinder Haus.  They are beautiful. I can't wait for Eden's grandparents and Godparents to get them this Christmas. Thank u for your hard work. Have a wonderful holiday. May God bless your family this holiday and always. Love, the I. P. Family

February 2009
Hi Jennifer, I am following up with some of the families and businesses that donated for last year's St. Louis silent auction.  In your case you donated a gift certificate for My Kissing Hands.  I feel fortunate that we won the bid on the kissing hands ceramic keepsakes.  We love all three pieces you made for our family.  We get tons of compliments on all of the pieces, especially the family of 5 footprints!  I have given your website info to many friends and family.  My only regret I tell people is that I did not know about you when my kids were smaller! We would love to have you donate again this year!  If you are interested in donating please let me know.  I would be willing to bring in one of my pieces for display. Thanks for your support! Mary Beth

October 2009
Jennifer - The prints arrived safe and sound today . How adorable and fabulous, Thank you again!! Barbara

November 2009
I forgot to thank you for the beautiful My Kissing Hands you made for me. The kids really love it, too, and it will be something our family will cherish for a long time. Thanks again and have a happy thanksgiving! Susan

December 2009
Jennifer - It is Beautiful! Thank you. Deena

Yes, No news is good news. The prints arrived safely and were a big hit at Christmas! Thanks so much.  They are lovely (and, yes, the kids ask about your kids too!).  Perhaps we can get together when things calm down (do they ever???). Have a happy new year! Mary

January 2010
Jennifer - Thank you so much. We had so much fun making the Kissing Hand. It was also so helpful to me to talk with you about being a new Mom. Thanks again and Merry Christmas. Carin & Marcus

March 2010
Jennifer, Hi. I just received the prints in the mail today. It looks great-so cute!  I plan to hang it in the baby's nursery. I will treasure it and as she gets older I think Marisa will treasure it too.  :o)  Thanks. Rachel

April 2010
Thanks! I picked them up this afternoon. They turned out so well :) Take care, Kierstin

June 2010
Thanks Jennifer. We received them today and they are adorable:-), love them, love them.  It was great seeing you in VA, we'll definitely get another print done next time we are back there.  Until then, take care. Kristine

April 2011
Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for the beautiful handprints for Mairin! We love them! You do such nice work with your art, and its special for us to have matching sets for the kids. Love, Kate

Jennifer - I know that our order has been alot of time and resources to you, but I have have to tell you that the quality of your work is excellent! The print of Graham's feet far exceeded my expectations. The photos on your website do not do justice to your final product! Best regards, Jenna

Jennifer, you recently did an impression of my daughter's hand and I wanted to thank you. That is the second impression you have done for me now and I have been so happy with them. I love looking at them hanging on my daughter's wall every time I walk by! Thanks again, Suzy

June 2012
Dear Jennifer, My parents just picked up the print from the Reston store a few days ago and I just got it from them. It looks Great and Beautiful!  You did an amazing job. I was able to send a picture to my wife, who is traveling, to surprise her and she was in tears over such a precious gift. Thank you for everything. My warm regards, Oleg

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