One day a precious little life arrives and you know a love that you never imagined. 
Next, you blink...and they have grown so fast.
 Take the time to record the tiny and precious moments to memory.

Back in 2007 my husband and I were realizing how quickly our children were growing as our oldest child was heading off to preschool. His teachers had us read "The Kissing Hand" on parent orientation night...later that same Fall when thinking of a name for my new venture..."Kisses" from my babies just came naturally having spent so much time kissing little hands each morning before preschool...hence,
"My Kissing Hands" was created. Treat yourself to your child's timeless gift (kiss) 
for you to treasure forever as they grow and find their own lives!

My Kissing Hands is in its tenth year of business having created "kisses" for over 10,000 customers (pinch myself every day) in the DC Metro Area and we feel blessed to be given the opportunity to make special memories for families to cherish from generation to generation. Thank you for sharing your families with us.

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Thanks be to God for his gift that is too wonderful to explain.